Newest pieces: painting and celestial mason jars

Newest pieces painting and celestial mason jars

16" x 20"
watercolor, gouache, pastels, colored pencils, spray paint
words in the piece gratefully borrowed from Chris Way, author and musician

A friend saw the mason jars I painted several years ago on my site and asked me to make a few for her. Here are the results! Painted jars were inspired by the omega nebula.

jbarnett 317

jbarnett 317

jbarnett 317

jbarnett 317

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Attention art lovers!

I'm having a spring sale: 15% off most pieces! Cruise around the site, find something you like, and email me if you're interested! You can either use the "Contact" form at the top of my homepage or email me: jesskbarnett at gmail dot com.

Enjoy the art and the beautiful weather!

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New piece to welcome spring...

New piece to welcome spring
jbarnett 311

gouache, watercolor, pastel, colored pencils on linen canvas
18" x 24"

It's not often that I totally swoon over one of my own pieces, but this one turned out (unexpectedly) so well that I'm doing just that! Well, not literally swooning. I'm actually in my cube at work. But swooning sounded like much more fun.

I'm thinking I will want this piece to be framed because I really like the contrast of the grey behind the piece.

Welcome, spring!

Here are some details from the piece as well.

(also: special thanks to the creators of #the100dayproject -- it's a challenge that's given me a good kick in the ass to paint more!)

jbarnett 311

jbarnett 311

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Two new paintings

Two new paintings
Treasure (above)
Media: spray paint, acrylic ink, and pastel on deep canvas
20" x 24"

jbarnett 305
Blue Sunday
Media: spray paint, acrylic ink, pastel, and pencil on canvas
16" x 20"

I have several more paintings in the works...

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