My sincere thanks go to:

My parents, Ellen and Paul Barnett

My best friend, Christina Siciliano, and her husband, Frank Mazza

Michael Wilder


Marcia Barnett

Theresa Barnett

Sandhya Bean

Leigh Begley

Bike Rack

Cathy, Clayton, Devan, and Kevern Cameron

Smita Chaddha

Ami Claxton

Sheila Crean

David, Patty, Colleen, Jackie, and Danny Doherty

Kathryn Doherty

Marianne Doherty, David Hubbell, and Caroline Hubbell

Laureen Esser

David Evan

Krissy Fitzgerald

Melanie Gallo and Stan Smith

Erin Goodman

Liz Hanegan

Meg and Rich Ivey

Laura Kiesel

Stephanie Joerke and Jeff Steiner

Amber Lachappelle

Kristin Lekki

Julie Lellis

Julie and Greg Massi

Tara Meads

Kelly and Keith Messier

Michael Mufson

Rachel Paiste and Matt Sloan

Chris Sargent

Jen Sbrogna

Ann Schulze

Stephanie Sharp

Dana Simon

Kassia Smith and Chris Loconto

John Soares

Katie Taylor

Yasmin Sterling Tricomi

Aaron Vederman

Hilary Viens

Chris Way

Jason Peter Williams

Jane Yates

Carolyn and Jack Zettler

All those who have supported my work by directly purchasing a piece

All of the galleries, coffee shops, and stores that have displayed my artworks

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